Mass Effect Legendary Edition: 5 Things to know about the Remaster

Mass Effect Legendary Edition: 5 Things to know about the Remaster

Chronic Mass Effect Legendary Edition: 5 Things to know about the Remaster

Initially released between 2007 and 2012, the Mass Effect trilogy developed by Bioware returns in a Legendary Edition including its share of novelties. The editors of tell you the five things to know before the release of this remaster.

Retouched sequences

Completed remaster, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition brings a lot of things, such as 4K textures and unified gameplay between the three games. In addition to these expected additions, five things to know about the title. First of all, Bioware has decided to modify many sequences of the initial trilogy: in question, too many shots showed the buttocks of Miranda, the heroine. It was decided by the studio that a change had to be made.

At least one missing DLC

Then Bioware decided to not include Pinnacle Station DLC in this reissue. Developed by Demiurge Studios in 2009, the title will not be part of the 40 DLC of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition since the source code was corrupted, with no hope of reconstitution.

No dedicated next gen version

In addition, the studio added that while the title will be playable on new generation consoles via backward compatibility, there will be no dedicated version for these : The game engine does not have the capabilities to harness the power of the PlayStation 5 or the Xbox Series.

Pas de version Switch

This Legendary Edition will also not be available on Nintendo Switch. An absence explained by Mac Walters, director of the project: a port to the Nintendo console would bring complications, especially in terms of the size of the title. The developers felt that a quality remaster was incompatible with the Switch.

The games available in stand-alone on Xbox Game Pass

Finally, it is important to point out that Mass Effect 1, 2, 3 and Andromeda are already available on Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft’s subscription service. If they are of better quality than the original titles, these ports do not offer the same quality as those of the Legendary Edition since they do not benefit from 4K textures or 60 fps. Also note: DLC, included in the remaster slated for May, must be purchased separately on Xbox Game Pass.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is targeting a release on PC, PS4, Xbox One and backward compatible on PS5 and Xbox Series from May 14th.

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