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Mario Kart-Speedrunner manages Jump with 0.00001% Probability

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Mario Kart

Hardly any other racetrack in Mario Kart has made so many players desperate as Rainbow Road. Since the game series had its first offshoot on the Super Nintendo in 1992, this track has been the final course in every game. Sometimes as a flying route over a city, sometimes in space – but always demanding and nerve-wracking.

If you finish a whole race without falling off the rainbow track, you have every right to call yourself an experienced Mario Kart player. Anyone who can approach the record times of the best speed runners on this route is a real Mario Kart legend.

0.00001% probability

But what then does a Mario Kart player have to be who sets a new world record on Rainbow Road after 13 years and manages a shortcut jump that not a single person has done before him? Some call him the “King of Gaming”, others say “Arthur the God”.

And that is – considering the circumstances – not even very exaggerated. Because the shortcut on Rainbow Road has been known for years. So far, however, it could only be used by an artificial intelligence. A person, however, has not yet made it. Until last week.

Because last Thursday ArthurMKW made the jump during a live stream. Speedrun consultant Rod Breslau confirmed on Twitter that it took Arthur 5 years and tens of thousands of attempts to be the first person to make the jump: after 5 years and tens of thousands of attempts, @ArthuurrrP is the first human to achieve the Mario Kart Wii Rainbow Road ultra shortcut and lap successfully. Arthur the god“

He also confirms that the probability of timing and hitting this shortcut so perfectly is 0.00001%. The clip has been viewed over 1 million times and shared thousands upon thousands of times on Reddit, Twitch and Twitter. Below you can see the jump and a video that explains why no one has yet managed to use this shortcut.

Here you can see it

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