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Makers of “Limbo” are working on an Open World Horror Game

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It’s time again for a game that will make us all shudder. Real hits in this segment like “Resident Evil” or “Silent Hill”, which actually make it into the mainstream, are very rare. Projects like “Phasmohobia”, which even enables players to communicate directly with the ghosts, show how much potential the genre has and how much innovation is possible.

Limbo & Inside

Nevertheless, there are all too often real horror pearls that convince in the reviews and cast a spell on players, but ultimately don’t get the attention they actually deserve.

Fortunately, Limbo and Inside are a small exception to this rule. In particular, Limbo, which appeared in 2010, has gradually expanded and has become a real classic over the years. Although it was only an insider tip for years, it has been sold several million times to this day.

Open World-Horror

This gave the Danish developer of Playdead the opportunity to take enough time for their upcoming games. “Inside”, which has a similar concept to “Limbo”, has already garnered top ratings. Now they obviously want to bring a more ambitious project onto the market.

As Videogameschronicle reports, several job advertisements have gone online on the Playdead website, which reveal some details about the company’s upcoming project. Fortunately, there is no need to speculate too much at this point, as the company is very open about what its current project is about and what the requirements of the potential applicants for the vacant positions are.

This shows that it is an open world in a science fiction universe and, like Limbo and Inside, will also contain puzzles:“Our current project is a 3rd person, open world, science fiction adventure built for multiple platforms on Unreal Engine and published by Epic Games Publishing.”

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