Major change – GTA 6 will be more politically correct than its predecessors

Major change – GTA 6 will be more politically correct than its predecessors

Grand Theft Auto VI

Developer and publisher Rockstars Games’ new spin-off, Grand Theft Auto VI, has been highly anticipated since it was announced earlier this year. The fans can hardly wait to be able to play the new title of the probably most successful video game series.

But there are no official details and insights into the planning or the current state of development. Rockstar Games has kept pretty much all information under wraps so far. Little by little, new leaks from industry insiders keep trickling through. A recent report by Bloomberg was able to bring further big details to light.

New details known

Accordingly, the new title should contain the first playable female protagonist of the series. There will also be two characters inspired by the notorious robber duo Bonnie and Clyde. The protagonist is said to be a Latina living in the Miami area.

About the map is still known that the original plan to use huge regions of North and South America has been withdrawn. Instead, it is set to take place in Florida and include various cities.

Furthermore, according to Bloomberg, development is currently proceeding very sluggishly, although Rockstar Games announced a few days ago that it would shut down other branches, such as Red Dead Redemption or updates and remakes for GTA. Much more you want to focus on the development of GTA 6. New commitments to more sustainable work schedules are just one reason production is still slow. An expected release date in March 2024 is not too unlikely. However, the company focuses on good working conditions, as it has become very discredited as a result.

Another political and legal aspect is the previously known cultural image of the Grand Theft Auto series. This is to be restructured from the ground up with the new offshoot. Offensive jokes and misogyny no longer exist. On the contrary, you now want to change this with a female protagonist. According to industry insiders, transphobic content has also been removed. All in all, the next offshoot of the Grand Theft Auto series should be made more politically correct.

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