Lonely Mountains Downhill is still relevant today. Proof of this is that a new downloadable content available for free invites you to set off again to hit the slopes with new objectives.

Less technical and more accessible than a Trials, Lonely Mountains: Downhill is a downhill game, which places you in control of a mountain biker, who must descend the steepest slopes in the least possible time.

But the interest of the game lies in the need to think outside the box to find the most improbable shortcuts in order to gain with each new crossing a few precious seconds that could lead you to the top lines of the general online ranking.

It will therefore be necessary to take the time to observe the environment and especially to take risks to find the optimal route. Lonely Moutains recently welcomed a new free DLC, which takes you back to the heart of Riley’s Moutain, with a new layout, very wide and very open, and which naturally includes new challenges to accomplish.

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