JThere are only two games left in the Super League, and so far there are only three teams mathematically qualified for the Playoffs: The Heretics, Rebels and Fnatic TQ. Movistar Riders and Bara Esports currently have nine winswith which a victory would put them directly in the title phase, while The bisons are in sixth place with a dangerous 8-8 and giants on the prowlwith a 7-9 that keeps them alive.

Previous Superliga Matchday 17

The Movistar Riders will try to certify their place in the Playoffs against the Jokers in the first match of the afternoon, which in theory the riders should do without too many problems. Another of the teams that will try to do their homework is the Bara Esports, which has a little more complicated today, since they will close at 22:00 today against Rebels.

The Bisons will have UCAM ahead at 7:00 p.m., in a crucial game for Marhoder’s men, that they’re trailing a 1-6 streak in that second round, and that they have two Finals ahead of them to secure a playoff that the Giants are also looking for. Immediately after, the giants will have to leave their skin against a KOI which, like those of Murcia, only plays to reach this seventh place currently occupied by those of Mlaga. At 9:00 p.m., recent Fnatic TQ signings Sven and Rhuckz will make their debuts, replacing Oscarinin and Advienne, promoted to the LEC first team for the spring split. AND they will do it nothing more and nothing less than in front of Los Hereticsleader of the rating.

Giants and Bison are in play today, with Horsemen and a Bara also unable to relax.. Two finals in perspective for some teams in this Super League which ends with this first split of the year.

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