LoL: Absolute Success for the French League on Twitch

LoL: Absolute Success for the French League on Twitch

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The French League of Legends kicked off its new season last night. A launch that bodes well for good things: Panthaa explains all this in the second daily of the day.

Initially published in 2009, League of Legends has gradually established itself as a video game juggernaut and an eSports giant. Evidenced by the number of viewers present on Twitch for the launch of the LFL, the French League of LOL.

LoL still appreciated by the French

Indeed, Panthaa indicates that more than 100,000 spectators were gathered yesterday on the only channels of Kameto and OTP (the channel founded by Chips and Noi, former commentators of O’Gaming). For comparison, Panthaa cites the big numbers from last year: 10 million viewers, an average of 12,000 viewers per night with a peak of 26,000 people.

If the craze is bigger this year, Panthaa explains it in the following way. During LoL’s 10th anniversary in 2019, Riot announced several titles (Valorant, Project L …) taking place in the world of MOBA. For example, Legends of Runeterra may have attracted players who are TCG fans who were not quite familiar with Hearthstone or Magic. In addition, a solo RPG called Ruined King is scheduled to arrive this year on PC and consoles. Without forgetting the mobile version of LoL: Wild Rift .. The latter can maintain the passion of fans for the game, all with shorter and less trying parts.

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