In this guide, we present you a list of bosses in Dark and Darker. If you want to know them, read this article.

Dark and Darker is a challenging dungeon crawling game where everything wants to kill you. You have to be careful with the other players, with the enemies, with the traps but also with the bosses. The latter can be a real challenge. Although the game is not over yet, you can already find elite opponents. In this article we present them all to you.

List of Dark and Darker bosses

  1. lich – this opponent wields powerful magic and summons skeletons to aid him. He is a difficult enemy, but if you want to beat him, we have prepared a guide for you: How to defeat Lich in Dark and Darker.
  2. ghost king – This opponent surrounds himself with very dangerous lava monsters. He should not be underestimated either, especially since being at his side puts you at a disadvantage. You can read how to beat him here: How to beat the Ghost King in Dark and Darker.
  3. cave troll – an opponent you can encounter on the Goblin Caves map. This is a single player location (read more here: Goblin Caves in Dark and Darker). If you want to defeat this enemy, check out our guide: How to defeat Cave Troll in Dark and Darker.

List of minibosses in Dark and Darker

List of bosses in Dark and Darker;  Have you seen them all?  -Picture 1

  1. lava monster – a sizable creature that can be found near the Ghost King boss. It attacks with fire, so be careful.
  2. skeleton champion – they are skeletons with sword and shield. They are characterized by their high speed and aggressiveness. They are tough and can cause the opponent a lot of trouble.
  3. Ghost – is an enemy that looks like a ghost. It is one of the most difficult creatures to defeat in level 1 underground. If you want to know more about it, read this page: Spectrum Explained.
  4. centaur demon – fast and deadly, can only be found in lower levels of dungeons. Strikes with his two-handed axe. His attacks are quite slow though, so it’s better to dodge them than try to block them.

Dark and Darkest Guide

Remember that our portal has prepared a guide to Dark and Darker. Here you will find all the important information. To read it, click here: Dark and Darker Guide.

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