Today marked the release of Limbus Company, an F2P strategy game with RPG elements in the style of the popular Darkest Dungeon. The game caught the attention of thousands of gamers from day one.

Released today on Steam and mobile is limbus company – an F2P game from Korean studio ProjectMoon that combines RPG and strategy elements.

Looking at the game, one gets the impression that it is somewhat reminiscent of another hit game that combines RPG and strategy elements – Darkest Dungeon.

Korean fashion

Limbus Company is the third game from the developers of ProjectMoon. The studio’s previous titles, Lobotomy Corporation and Library of Ruina, also combined elements of strategy with RPG. In both cases, we can speak of a successful mix, since the titles were very well received (respectively 94% and 93% of positive opinions on Steam).

The Limbus company has a chance to follow in the footsteps of previous ProjectMoon games, as player reviews on Steam have so far been as positive as they were for the studio’s previous two – at the time of writing, 94 % of over 1600 player reviews are favorable. .

In terms of gameplay, Limbus Company relies on turn-based combat, with a note that “during the combat phase, units from both sides will act simultaneously”. Heroes can develop their abilities to create the most effective combinations against enemies.

early problems

Despite the positive reviews, not everything went as smoothly on launch day as the developers had hoped. At dawn the servers were not working properly due to too many login attempts at the same time.

Also, it was later reported that there was problems with the integration of the Steam version of the game versus its mobile versions on Android and iOS.

The developers had to issue another message, in which they apologized for a bug where purchased in-game items could fail to appear in the player’s inventory if the game was “forced closed”. This most likely means that the Limbus society could collapse.

Despite all the startup issues, the game seems to have got off to a pretty good start – right now Limbus on Steam is played by over 21,000 people (via SteamDB).

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