Les Brigades Immunitaires (Cells at Work) will be adapted into a Video Game

Les Brigades Immunitaires (Cells at Work) will be adapted into a Video Game

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Game news Les Brigades Immunitaires (Cells at Work) will be adapted into a video game

As season 2 of the anime has just started, Chinese giant NetEase has announced the development of a new game based on the Immune Brigades manga, without giving more information regarding the release date or the media on which the title will be available.

After a first mobile game adaptation by Aniplex in 2019 released only in Japan, Les Brigades Immunitaires or Cells at Work will have the right to a second video game adaptation this time by NetEase, an important player especially in Chinese mobile games which is currently developing Diablo Immortal. If no additional information has been revealed concerning the genre, the release date or even on the media on which the game will be released, analyst Daniel Ahmad only adds that Aniplex will be once more involved in the project.

As a reminder, Les Brigades Immunitaires is a manga scripted and drawn by Akane Shimizu which features anthropomorphized human body cells, that is to say represented under human features. The work mainly focuses on two main protagonists, one being a red blood cell, and the other a leukocyte, a white blood cell. In this industrial representation of the human body, they will each have to fight in their own way against bacteria and other microorganisms that try to invade the body.

In France, the manga is edited by Pika Edition, while Wakanim broadcasts the anime whose second season began on January 9, as well as a spin-off titled Les Brigades immunitaires BLACK which began on January 10.

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