“Las Venturas Project” – GTA 5 receives map expansion from San Andreas

“Las Venturas Project” – GTA 5 receives map expansion from San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto 5

More than nine years after the release of Grand Theft Auto V, fans are still hooked. Well, they don’t necessarily have a choice either – the next game in the series is in development, as we all know, but it’s probably still a long way from actually being released.

We still don’t have a proper trailer, although thanks to the colossal leak that surfaced online last month, we already know a lot more about the gameplay than Rockstar would like.

No matter what happens to GTA VI – none of us can play it right now, which brings us back to square one. Luckily, modders are constantly adding heaps of improvements and all-new content to GTA V, and a mod is a must-have for anyone who’s starting to get a little bored with Los Santos after almost a decade”Las Venturas Project“

The Las Venturas Project describes itself as “the most ambitious Grand Theft Auto mod ever made’ and aims to bring the entire Las Venturas area from San Andreas into GTA V. According to the FAQ section on the mod website, the current version of the project covers an area of ​​3 km². However, there are plans to expand it to 70 km²!

“This is a long-term project: creating a region that takes Rockstar Games artists time obviously takes even more time for a team of enthusiasts”, says the website. “But it also means that we are not subject to the same time and budget constraints as a video game studio: we are therefore completely free to tackle ambitious ideas that would otherwise never have been possible!“

Currently players can access the mod by contributing to the Patreon project. The modders also plan to release the whole thing for free when it’s done. If you’re interested, you should definitely give it a try.

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