Kingdom Hearts IV will not be the next game in the series

Kingdom Hearts IV will not be the next game in the series

As a result of the latest Kingdom Hearts news , the possibility of making a related article that clarifies everything for any player who is waiting for a possible Kingdom Hearts IV occurred to me , although we are going to answer the question, I already anticipate that this is still very far despite what the list of NVIDIA servers may say as we have seen previously.

Now, when is the fourth numbered game going to come out? Well it’s very simple, any fan of the saga who has been informed about everything during the development of Kingdom Hearts III until the release of Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory will already know what the future holds for the saga.

However, we are going to clear up all kinds of doubts in the comments, especially with the 20th anniversary of the saga practically two months after its arrival at the end of March.

I already tell you that you have to be aware that the next title will not be a fourth numbered game, but it will be another unnumbered title, we were already talking about this yesterday and that Nomura already warned about it in the past.

In January 2019 Kingdom Hearts III comes out and later, approximately a month and a half later, its official guide Ultimania, the official one from Japan, is released.

In this guide they interview Nomura, in which he expressed that since they were focused on the development of downloadable content ( Re:Mind ) nothing had been officially decided yet, although he had two ideas to develop about two titles, apart of a special project.

There he made reference to the fact that clearly, he must first write the story and the events that will happen in order to reach the fourth numbered title.

Just a year later, in January 2020 , Re:Mind comes out and decides to grant another interview. In this he repeated that he will need a long time to make another numbered Kingdom Hearts .

Apart from the mobile game that would be updated to give rise to Kingdom Hearts X Dark Road , they already had two new teams working on those projects that he had mentioned last year 2019 and Tetsuya Nomura let us know that one would be coming out very soon, which ended being Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory .

Phase 2 of the saga

June 2020 arrived and they collected in a single trailer the news that would arrive that same year.

In this trailer, as you can see, you can see that it was suggested what Phase 2 of the saga would be like.
Leaving Re:Mind as the first , the end of Kingdom Hearts Union X together with Kingdom Hearts X Dark Road , Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory and two more games that remain to be added, in addition to the gaps at the bottom, which we do not know very Well what can they be?

In October 2020 they decided that they would stop giving news until the anniversary of the saga this year. Nomura also wanted to emphasize that by then his and his team were already focused on the next title in the saga and that they would arrive later than soon to the new generation.

From Re:Mind they have taught us up to a total of three times the title of “ An Oath to Return KINGDOM HEARTS ”, something similar to Phase 1, when from the first they put us “ Reconnect. KINGDOM HEARTS .” This means that Sora must return first, since he stayed in Quadratum as we saw, so until he leaves there in the next title I can assure you with certainty that we will not have the expected Kingdom Hearts IV , so it will be better to go down the expectations.

Finally, this is not a page specialized in the saga, but from time to time articles like this do not come amiss so that there are no more doubts about what will come, regardless of the saga that it is.

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