Kingdom Come: Deliverance has the reputation of taking you into the most beautiful or most realistic virtual forest in the game world.

At the time, colleagues André Peschke and Sebastian Stange, who viewed the beta version of Kingdom Come at the beginning of 2016, thought so. You can find the video at the bottom of the text.

By the way: Minecraft modders have set themselves the goal of recreating Kingdom Come with blocks. Find out more in the following article,

Kingdom Come replica in Minecraft.

There are many mods

Since then, some mods have appeared that polish up the graphics of the full version (not the beta version, mind you!). For example, the YouTube channel Digital Dreams has already put several videos online that show the medieval role-playing game with photo-realistic mods – including a ray tracing mod.

Now Digital Dreams has returned to the topic of Kingdom Come. This time, however, to the beta version including Pascal Gilcher’s Raytracing Shader (RTGI) for ReShade: Does the beta for Kingdom Come Deliverance “still deliver the most realistic graphics”?

Without being able to finally answer the question, we really like the forest very much. Right off the bat, we can’t think of a game that breathes life into trees, grasses and streams.

But only a beta

Why the beta version? Some of you may have wondered why Digital Dreams used the Kingdom Come Deliverance beta and not the final game.

The reason seems to be quite simple: The beta should just look a little better than the already beautiful final game. The developers, it can be read again and again on the Internet, have made a conscious decision to reduce the graphics of the full version a little in favor of performance. We have asked the developer Warhorse Studios about this and are still waiting for an answer. We will deliver them to you as soon as we have received them.

Filming planned: By the way, Kingdom Come will also receive a film or series adaptation.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is actually being made into a film.

Beauty has its price: Correspondingly, the beta turns out to be a little better in conjunction with the raytracing mod by Pascal Gilcher mentioned above. If you want to test the mod yourself, you have to become a patron, in other words: sign up for a Patreon membership on Pascal Gilcher’s channel – this is currently 5 euros per month.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Why we are so impressed by the forest in the game

Kingdom Come: Deliverance knows how to inspire optically even years after the release.

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