Katie Taylor, who runs her business under her birth name Katie Perry, has won a trademark battle against pop star Katy Perry after the singer sold clothes to Australian customers between 2014 and 2018.

Said that the singer ignored the registered trademark of Katie Perry, and a decision of a federal court has fallen in favor of the moda designer, declarando that the company of Katy Perry, Kitty Purry, partially infringed the registered trademark of the negotiation of the stylist.

The award of damages will be decided later, but it seems that many can see the good side of it, since in her sentencing, federal judge Brigitte Markovic said that “It’s the story of two women, two teenage dreams and a name.”

Katie Perry thinks it’s a big win for small businesses, saying “Not only did I fight, but I fought for the small businesses in this country, many of which were started by women, who can find themselves up against foreign entities that have much more financial power than us.”


Thanks Reuters.

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