John Cena arrives at Fortnite and Rocket League

John Cena arrives at Fortnite and Rocket League

Fortnite opens the doors to another crossoverthis time with WWE hosting 16-time champion John Cena, as part of the Epic: SummerSlam event.

The fighter will include two different skins, one with his ring entry clothes and another with his combat gear, which includes accessories, a new emote and even Cena’s signature move from “You can’t see me.” The pack will be available in the Fortnite store starting July 28.

John Cena twice: Fortnite and Rocket League

Fans of the WWE superstars can not complain as the fighter will make an appearance in another title that is more than prone to crossovers of all kinds, I mean Rocket League. Although in the case of the popular soccer car game the fighter does not appear as himself, he will have a body inspired by his humanity and another will be inspired by that of another fighter: Roman Reigns.

John Cena’s car sports a bright green with the “U can’t see me” logo on the hood. If you are interested in getting the vehicle pack, it will also be available from this July 28.

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