John Carpenter, wants to direct a Dead Space movie and can’t stop playing Fallout 76

John Carpenter, wants to direct a Dead Space movie and can’t stop playing Fallout 76

A John Carpenter in great shape tells us about his desire to make a movie on Dead Space and his addiction to Fallout 76

John Carpenter the famous director of The Thing and Halloween (among others), is a huge fan of video games and with more and more games adapted to the big screen seems increasingly interested in directing a film on Dead Space.

Carpenter he is famous for his horror / thriller works, so associate him with Dead Space it is not a particular surprise,

The only video game I could think of, and I mentioned it before this interview, is Dead Space. It would be a great movie, and I could do it

In 2013, Carpenter had already explained how in his view, Dead Space would be a great movie and that he would gladly direct it in person. After some time he confirmed his idea, also a sign of the fact that he must have often thought about this idea,

You have these people who are on an abandoned and non-functioning spaceship, they have to restart it, while something unidentified is on board with them. It seems to me a great premise. I would love to shoot Dead Space, I tell you, right here and now. The game is ready to be adapted to movies

In this interview with AV Club, Carpenter explained that he enjoyed all the incarnations of the Dead Space games, even Dead Space 3. He recalled how the game was criticized for pushing too hard in the action movie category, but Carpenter said he still liked the game, “even what nobody liked”.

John Carpenter, the famous Halloween director, would like to make a movie about Dead Space and is sick with Fallout 76

The next Dead Space game will be a remake of the first chapter and will be available for PS5, Xbox Series X | S and PC in January 2023.

In the same interview, John Carpenter discussed his favorite games right now, especially mentioning Bethesda’s Fallout 76. He was also asked how much he enjoyed playing this game, Carpenter replied that he didn’t remember, but the time he spent in the game is something “sick”.

John Carpenter he glissed so high Fallout 76,

I don’t know how long it is, but it’s something sick. I’m addicted to it. That’s really too many hours, okay? It is what it is

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