ELast Saturday we experienced a spectacular EMEA Masters final between Istanbul Wildcats and Unicorns of Love SE. The Turks won the tournament after staging a reverse scan spectacular, and they raised a very difficult final for them.

UOL SE were close to the championship

After a first very regular map that the Germans drew, UOL SE left no choice in the second. The German champion went all out and made it 2-0 on the scoreboard through the fast lane with Fun K3y at Jinx again being key in the unicorn game. A Triple Kill from the sniper sealed the match.

Unicorns of Love SE go 2-0 on the scoreboard

BAO’s Quadrakill to bring the series to life

The South Korean shooter has come to the rescue of the Istanbul Wildcats. He and Destroy, still accompanied by Parus, rowed spectacularly to turn the series around. The comeback began on map three at the hands of BAO, with a Quadrakill bringing the Turkish champion to life in BO5.

BAO’s Quadrakill to bring Istanbul Wildcats to life

After seeing how they fit the series, Unicorns of Love SE also found itself outclassed to fifth. The Germans fought, but a fight for the fourth dragon that gave the soul to the Istanbul Wildcats all but doomed the series and handed the title to the Turks.

He condemned the Istanbul Wildcats to place the reverse sweep

Istanbul Wildcats left a lot in this EMEA Masters, in which we saw several talents who could enter the LEC sooner rather than later.

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