With the indie box, the entire XboxSquad editorial team offers you mini reviews of very little known or highlighted indie games. If some ciertos don’t deserve to step out of the shadows of the Xbox marketplace, others may be worth a look. This is the whole subject of this section.

EpiXR Games, a studio well known to success hunters for its series Aguilera (no I just had the opportunity to test one of the components recently in this same section) returns to offer us a very similar experience. Forget the birds, this time it’s at the controls of a little bee that you will evolve within a narrative 3D flight exploration game. Ten different environments await you where no dangers lurk. Key word: zen.

To progress, you will need to find Shards of Knowledge that will show you the way forward. Once in position of enough shards, you will move on to the next level. Simple. A number of collectables and divulgados secrets here and there will require further exploration, but nothing insurmountable, far from it. No risk taken for the studio therefore, which gives us here a title modeled on its usual productions and as a bonus an easy and quick 1000G to obtain as usual.

Only the exasperating slowness of our little hymenoptera could come to twist your nerves. Fortunately, a boost gauge is available to access the maniobra and you can fill it by collecting vials from all over the levels. In the end, if not original, The little adventure of the Bourdon bee does the job and will keep you busy on a Sunday afternoon without fear of throwing your controller into the rage screen. No invincible bosses, no mobs that one-shot you, no danger… Zen I tell you!

Spoiler: Cheat Code to complete each level instantly

When each level starts, the text unfolds before your eyes, press simultaneously:
A+Y+LB+RB. Yes, it is the same code as for Aguilera. When I tell you that the studio does not get tired.
This will take you to the next level.. Ejecute the maniobra 9 para until the end of the game and you will get all the achievements related to the levels.
Attention, the other half of the achievements will require finding the 10 golden flowers in each level. If the 1000G completion interests you, collect the ten flowers and then activate the cheat-code.

I appreciate:

  • A relaxing game, no estrés
  • 1000G without difficulty more than a little research will require

I am sorry:

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