Level-5 used their Vision 2023 Tsuzumi presentation to bring more news about Inazuma Eleven: The Path to Victory for the switch. The game lasted quite a while in its lifespan, but now it seems to be closer to release. At the end of the exhibit, a full explanation and gameplay video appeared. The same was true for a 2023 release window.

Inazuma Eleven: The Path to Victory takes place in Nagasaki, Nagumoharu High School in Kyushu. The players follow Unmei Sasanami, who quit football. However, Haru Endo brings him back to this world and Soccer Summit. They can then journey through history to become a champion, recruiting over 4,500 characters from previous games. However, there is also an Inazuma V trailer that allows someone to “travel through history” to navigate Chronicle’s competitive routes based on previous games.

There will be 5v5 games, with a freestyle mode. People can play in landscape or portrait mode, with quick actions that can use touch controls to play. You can create your own team of characters from the past and the future. These can also be used against “hidden” competitors, as well as in online games.

This is the final trailer.

Here is the complete showcase, with the new Inazuma once game that appears at the end.

As a reminder, this Inazuma once the game started life as Inazuma Eleven: Balance of Ares. This was announced in July 2016. However, due to development issues, the work was restarted and instead became Inazuma Eleven: Grand Path of Heroes in September 2019. After further development over the years and during COVID, it was finally renamed to Heroes’ Path of Victoryoh road to victory To abbreviate. Since then, more footage has surfaced and Level-5 has talked more about the project.

Inazuma Eleven: Heroes’ Path to Victory It will come to Nintendo Switch, PS4 and mobile devices in 2023.

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