Genshin Impact is a game as a service and as such it is not free from leaks or leaks. HoYoverse has always had a strict stance on the matter and has just reaffirmed this severity now that it is in search of one of the most important leakers of the title.

HoYoverse is not happy with the leaks of Genshin Impact content being released earlier and spoiling the surprises. Although the company has shown on several occasions to take legal measures in this regard to punish the leakers , there are people who dare to challenge it and today we will talk about a new case.

HoYovere is targeting a major Genshin Impact leaker

A new iteration in this battle between HoYoverse and the leakers has come to light after it was revealed that Cognosphere, the brand with which HoYoverse operates outside of China, has requested information from Ubatcha, one of the most popular leakers, from Discord. renown in the Genshin Impact community .

According to a report by TorrentFreak (via DualShockers ), Cognosphere filed a subpoena form with a California court against Discord for copyright or DMCA infringement from the leaks, thereby forcing the platform to share personal data of the leaker in question to discover his identity and apparently proceed against him legally.

Cognosphere also reports that it has already contacted Discord to request the removal of material that the user shared on the platform and that infringes said copyright.

Ubatcha is one of the main leakers in the Genshin Impact scene . To give you an idea of ​​his reach, it’s enough to know that he has almost half a million Twitter followers , something huge for a leaker. Something interesting is that at the time of writing the note, his account no longer has any visible publication.

How do the leaks affect Genshin Impact and HoYoverse?

If you are new to games as a service, you should know that Genshin Impact is a free-to-play title with microtransactions.

The economic structure of the game is supported by a specifically gachapón model, which consists of banners with selected characters in which players participate and use their luck to try to get the units. Leakers usually reveal details like this, letting users know which characters are on their way to the game and plan their spending ahead of time and select which banners they will use their wishes on.

Likewise, leakers ruin the surprises that HoYoverse has prepared for months to reveal, reason enough for the company to not want them and want to punish those responsible. So Cognosphere does not do this because users use their IP (in fact,the company gives a lot of freedom for fans to even market Genshin Impact merchandise), but the way in which some leakers share confidential information.

The resource of requesting information from users on platforms is not new to HoYoverse. other companies,as The Pokemon CompanyThey have also used this resource to persecute their leakers.This measure has also been used to find criminals.

What do you think of HoYoverse’s actions against the Genshin Impact leakers ? Tell us in the comments.

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