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How to Solve Hogwarts Legacy Our Love’s Ghost Map

The Ghost of Our Love Hogwarts Legacy map is a weird little quest where you’ll find a map that obscurely points to a mysterious location and nothing else. Part of what makes it so tricky is that its key clues, a bridge and some trees, aren’t exactly uncommon in the game. Also, you have to cast a certain spell in a certain place at a certain time in order to get it. Without a real indication of where to look, it could take you a long time to figure out where you are headed. Or you can just read my guide below which shows you exactly where the Ghost of Our Love Hogwarts Legacy map is trying to take you.

Hogwarts Legacy Ghost of our Love Map Walkthrough

You will find the Ghost of out Love quest during a Hogwarts Legacy quest with Nearly Headless Nick. Specifically when you decided to find the game Headless Hunt. As soon as you’re done talking to Nick and Sir Patrick Delaney Podmore, you’ll find the letter in a grave near the entrance to the crypt. It will be labeled “Map with fluttering sails”.

Picking it up will start the quest and give you a map showing a bridge, an arch, and some trees. Aaa and it’s your lot, go ahead.

Obviously, that’s not much – there are a lot of trees and bridges in this game. So while some of you may look at it and immediately think “the forbidden forest, of course, that’s is so obvious”. Many of you will not.

Specifically this fast travel point, right at the main entrance to the area:

Hogwarts Legacy ghost of our love

Go there and you should see a bridge as soon as you arrive. There will also be the same ruined arch that appears on the map nearby. Head to the bridge for now and you’ll find another letter in the bridge post.

You will need it to be dark, or at least dusk/sunset to proceed, so if not, open the map and select the option to change the time of day. When you’ve done this, cast the Hogwarts Legacy Lumos spell where you found the letter and enchanted candles will appear.

Hogwarts Legacy ghost of our love

All you need to do now to complete the Ghost of Our Love quest is follow the sails. These will lead you to the Forbidden Forest, through the archway on the map, where you’ll eventually find a table and more candles for a midnight picnic.

Hogwarts Legacy ghost of our love

To complete the mission, all that remains is to retrieve what is in the chest: a treasure hunter’s scarf. If you need help tracking anything else, we can also help you with everything from Hogwarts Legacy Gobballs, to Hogwarts Legacy Puzzle Doors, to Daedalian Keys to the Hogwarts Legacy and more.

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