How to Run in Hogwarts Legacy – Game News

How to Run in Hogwarts Legacy – Game News

With nothing but a wand to protect you, running is a key mechanic you’ll need to use frequently in Hogwarts Legacy. Additionally, using this fast move not only allows you to maneuver around enemies, but also allows you to reach your targets much faster. Unfortunately, since the in-game tutorial is a bit limited, it doesn’t exactly teach players how to use this feature. Luckily, we’re here to show you exactly how you can do that in-game.

How do you operate at Hogwarts Legacy?

You can run in Hogwarts Legacy by simply pressing the L3 button on your controller and tilting it forward. If you’re playing on PC, you’ll need to hold down the Shift key while simultaneously pressing “W” on your keyboard.

This will allow you to run much faster compared to your character’s usual jogging animation. As mentioned above, this mechanic becomes an integral part of combat, as you will often need to position yourself well to gain an advantage. Dodging can only take you very far, as it only takes you a short distance away from your original position. Additionally, sprints are also useful when exploring the entire Hogwarts school, as you cannot ride broomsticks in the hallways.

Since the game has no stamina bar, you can run for as long as you want without needing to rest. However, it’s worth noting that using your basic cast or casting any other spell will prevent your character from moving, which means you’ll need to coordinate your maneuvers and wand action if you want to succeed on your magical journey.

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