How to play FIFA Mobile without having an Internet connection?

How to play FIFA Mobile without having an Internet connection?

The most popular soccer game on various platforms is undoubtedly FIFA, one of the franchises that allows us to play with any team. For iOS and Android users, the FIFA Mobile version is available , which allows us to take the fun wherever we want. However, you need to have an internet connection for this. In this article we will teach you how to run this soccer game without WiFi in a simple way.

How to play FIFA Mobile without internet access?

If you don’t have an established connection, the game or match won’t start at all , so try clearing cache storage or something else. But, this does not mean that it is impossible to run and select our team in this game without internet. For this, it is necessary to use certain techniques. You can also take advantage of other cheats by getting the unlocked APK version of FIFA.

The most feasible way is to make the game believe that you are connected to the internet when in fact you are not. It sounds a bit confusing, but on systems like Android you can do this by using certain apps. Among the apps that you can use are the Wifi simulators, which can be used in any version to achieve your goal. However, you need to know certain things about these programs.

Although it seems incredible, these applications are specially designed for these specific cases. Obviously we won’t be able to browse the internet or, in the FIFA Mobile scenario, carry out actions such as running an online match. What you can do is play soccer against the machine and select the team you prefer. These simulators are also used to run other games like Minecraft without internet.

What is the Wifi simulator and how to use it to play?

These programs are fake systems that deceive your cell phone or PC that it has a WiFi network connection. This is easy to use and allows you to enable certain options of some apps that require maintaining a signal of this type to work. It is important to note that there are few applications that support this function, and among them is FIFA Mobile.

All you have to do is download one of these simulators, which you can find in an APK repository. There are also some apps on Google Play, but none of them do what they promise and they are usually not up to date. On the other hand, you need to activate the option of unknown origins on your mobile, an option that you can select in the device Settings.

Once you download and install the APK file, you must restart your phone and then start the application. It is important that you only do this when you are not connected to a WiFi network, otherwise errors may occur. On the main screen of the app, press the ‘ON’ or ‘Activate’ button , a false WiFi connection will automatically be generated on your cell phone.

It is also possible to modify certain parameters such as the name of the network and even create a password. This can also be used to prank your friends. Regarding the FIFA Mobile game, you must have the application updated using the Play Store and avoid connecting, for example, your mobile data.

Now you can play any match against the machine and select the team you prefer offline. Best of all, this type of application does not consume a lot of storage space, in fact, they are very light apps. It is also necessary that you keep the application updated, although this will have to be done manually through the browser.

What are the Wifi simulators used to play FIFA Mobile offline?

There are two ways you can use to achieve this easily. The first one is through the XPosed Framework and its Fake WiFi Connection component. Its operation is excellent and it adapts to any Android, in addition, it does not take up so much storage.

However, it is necessary to have Root access on the device for it to work properly. The other option to consider is Free WiFi Simulator , but it usually has some bugs that make the connection not be maintained for long.

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