If you want to win matches in WWE 2K23, and we’re talking big matches here, get ready to master some of the more advanced moves in the game. One of those moves is a hammer throw, a grappling hook throw that can be used to knock fighters out of the ring and maybe achieve a goal or two in the process. With that being said, let’s look at how you can perform a hammer throw in WWE 2K23.

How to do a hammer throw

To perform a hammer throw in WWE 2K23, here’s what you’ll need to do. First, stand right in front of the targeted fighter. From there, you’ll want to do a base hold. This can be accomplished by simply pressing B (for Xbox) or Circle (for PlayStation).

Once the grappling hook is initiated, hold B/Circle then use the left stick and move it towards the direction you are facing to throw the fighter. In these cases, the throw must result in the wrestler being thrown to ringside and onto the sidewalk.

Here is a brief overview of the commands needed for a hammer throw:

  • Catch the opponent with B (Xbox)/Circulo (PlayStation)
  • Press and hold B/Circle + left stick (Direction)

Hammer throws are far from a useless move in WWE 2K23. In fact, it’s the move that’s needed in the WWE 2K23 2K showcase featuring John Cena. In the showcase, use a hammer throw on John Cena with Rob Van Dam to achieve an objective in the 2006 ECW One Night Stand match. Not to mention, only one move can be used that can seriously injure the opponent, in making opponent wrestlers fall hard to the ground.

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