Hogwarts Legacy is filled with several unique dueling feats that you can choose to complete while battling dark wizards and enemies. One of these dueling feats will have you launching one enemy into another using Depulso, potentially taking out two enemies simultaneously. Landing this can be a bit tricky and requires some setup. This is what you need to know about how to launch one enemy against another using Depulso in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to Knock One Enemy Against Another Using Depulso in Hogwarts Legacy

There are several ways to do this during combat. You will need to prepare as you may not have the perfect spells to make it possible. For starters, Depulso is a required spell in your spell slots, and we recommend having the Levioso or Accio spell in your arsenal. These are some of your best options, but you may also find the Arrest Momentum and Glacius spells to be great options. It all depends on your preferences, and Levioso is likely to have the least difficulty.

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With your spells ready, highlight one of the targets you want to send to an enemy using one of your control spells or Accio. Levioso or Arresto Momentum will do the trick, or Accio to bring them directly to you.

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Once you have your target in front of you, line it up near the other enemy then use Depulso on it. This should send your closest target away from your character, spiraling towards an enemy. Although Accio is well suited to bring them directly to you, when using Depulso you may not achieve the goal you are trying to achieve. Levioso is a good spell to hold an enemy in place without moving. You’ll need to run towards them, line up your shot, then use Depulso.

Upon reaching the target, the dueling feat is complete and you end the rest of the fight. It’s a great way to earn extra experience points while playing Hogwarts Legacy.


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