Spider-Man joined the incredible roster of Fortnite comic book characters in Chapter 3 Season 1, and a new Spidey suit arrives with the Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War comic. We show you how to get the new Spider-Man Zero suit in Fortnite.

After partnering with DC Comics to release the Fortnite/Batman: Zero Point comic, Epic Games has now released Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War, a five-part comic series featuring characters from both Fortnite and the Marvel Universe.

Already coming to Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1, Spider-Man appears alongside the Wolverine, Iron Man and Fortnite characters to stop the Imagined Order and hunt down Fragment Zero. As part of this collaboration, Epic Games is releasing the new Spider-Man Zero Outfit.

  • How to get the Spider-Man Zero suit in Fortnite
  • Will Spider-Man Zero make it to the Fortnite Item Shop?

How to get the Spider-Man Zero suit in Fortnite

Spider-Man’s Zero Outfit can be unlocked by purchasing the first Fortnite x Marvel Comic: Zero Point and using the code found within . Once the comic is available on June 8, simply enter the code and the new Spider-Man Zero Outfit is yours.

 Here is all you need to do:

  1. Buy Fortnite x Marvel: Ground Zero
  2. Find the Spider-Man Zero Outfit redemption code inside
  3. Go to fortnite.com/redeem
  4. Sign in if you haven’t already
  5. Enter the code and press ‘Redeem’
  6. Launch Fortnite and the Spider-Man Zero Outfit will be in your locker

There will be even more cosmetics arriving with future editions, such as an Iron Man-based wrap, Wolverine-based pickaxe, loading screen, and spray.

Will Spider-Man Zero make it to the Fortnite Item Shop?

Epic Games confirmed that the Spider-Man Zero Outfit, as well as the Iron Man and Wolverine cosmetics, will be coming to the Fortnite Item Shop at a later date.

There is no confirmation on the price yet, but Epic revealed that they will be purchasable with V-Bucks. However, the loading screen and spray will be exclusive to the comics, so they will never be available in the item shop.

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