With each weekly update to GTA Online Rockstar updates the Diamond Casino prize vehicle, but how is it available this week and how do we make sure we win at the Wheel of Fortune?

Although GTA Online is filled with countless activities and objectives for players to complete, Rockstar takes its time when it comes to major content releases .

To keep players busy and engaged, the developers roll out a weekly update every Thursday that includes login bonuses, enhanced rewards for specific missions, featured races, and of course, a new vehicle on the wheel.

While most players struggle to win the jackpot and win the featured car, a GTA content creator has figured out how to manipulate the wheel of fortune with a super simple technique.

What vehicle can we get this week?

The Entity XF is a $795,000 2-door supercar from Legendary Motorsport. Check out the dealer description below:

“High taxes, socialism, constant darkness… Sweden is really proof that if you fill a country with attractive women, people will put up with a miserable landscape. By avoiding armed conflict for the last 200 years and instead focusing on investment in education, healthcare and manufacturing, Swedes now enjoy one of the highest standards of living in the world. The result is a nation lousy at democracy, but excellent at making ridiculously fast sports cars.”

How to win at GTA Online roulette

Thanks to the content creator of GTA Online, LaazrGaming , with just a few easy steps we can always get the car of the week.

If you don’t get it right the first time, don’t get overwhelmed, because it will surely take more than one attempt before you master the technique:

  1. Go to the Diamond casino in GTA Online.
  2. Start a private session so that the roulette is new.
  3. Interact with the wheel and wait for the “use to spin” bar to appear in the upper right corner.
  4. As soon as the bar appears count to four
  5. At this point turn the left joystick (or mouse) up and then down.
  6. Tara! You already have your new car.

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