Elden Ring offers various possibilities in its vast world and, as usual in From Software games , it also has different endings depending on the acts you perform in your game. Some are directly related to specific characters, such as the Star Age ending and Ranni, while others do not have any specific requirements to materialize, such as the Fracture Age ending . The final Lord of the Frenzy Flame is in this second group , although there is a peculiarity with him that we explain in our complete Elden Ring guide.

And you have to know that the ending Lord of the Frenzied Flame is completely incompatible with the rest of the endings , so it can block what you do about other outcomes. Knowing this, you will have to follow a specific plan so as not to have to resort to a second game to unlock them all, so pay close attention and do not lose detail to follow the steps well and unlock them all practically at the same time.

What to do to unlock the Lord of the Frenzied Flame ending

In order to access the final Lord of the Frenzy Flame, you will not have to perform many actions, since it is relatively easy to obtain. The first thing you’ll need to do is free the Dreg Eater in Leyndell , as explained in the Despair’s Blessing ending . Once you do, you’ll need to head towards the Chamber of Frenzying Flame . It will be at the same point where you have done the tasks of the Gobbler, so travel to the place of Gracia Subterranean Path.

Drop down through the crack in the floor and proceed through the tunnels. At the end of the path you will find three ogres and some stairs with a door that you can open. Cross and jump to the left , following the only possible path, but don’t go through the ladder that you will see, but through the gate that is at the bottom. If you follow this path, you will end up opening a shortcut to Gracia’s place Underway. Now go down the path of pipes , sliding through the tunnels and it won’t take long to find the boss of the area: Mohg, the Omen. Once you defeat him, activate the Gracia Catedral de los Desamparados location .

Follow the path, you will have to go down all the levels being very careful not to star in an absurd death. When you get all the way down, the ground will give way and take you to a new area. There you will see Hyetta . You will have to talk to her, but only that, do not take any other action . As soon as you activate Grace’s location Vault of Frenzying Flame you will already have secured this new ending, although you will still have several steps to complete later.

Inside the Chamber of Frenzying Flame

NOTE: Do not follow these steps if you have not already achieved the rest of the endings and you have a save game in the cloud . It is recommended to do it last, so you make sure there is no problem.

Once you are in the Chamber of Frenzying Flame, look for the door engulfed in flames . You will be prompted to unequip all your items , so your character will be completely naked and you will be able to interact with the door. A sequence will start with which you will see your characters transform. The next thing you will have to do is go talk to Placidusax to give him Miquella’s Needle to reverse the changes caused by passing through the door. With this, you will have everything ready for the final Lord of the Frenzy Flame.

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