How to get Gray Starstone in Salt and Sacrifice

How to get Gray Starstone in Salt and Sacrifice

Gray Starstone is a legendary resource that you can find in Salt and Sacrifice. Just like the other resource, Black Starstone, you will use Gray Starstone on Trifaul Idol in Pardoner’s Vale. The Gray Starstone resource is one level higher than Black Starstone, allowing you to use it in the Skill Tree. In this guide, we will cover how to get Gray Starstone in Salt and Sacrifice.

One of the few ways we’ve found to get Gray Starstone is by leveling up in Salt and Sacrifice. The material will not always be a resource that you receive when leveling up. Instead, it seems to happen every fifth level in Salt and Sacrifice. We get the first one when we hit level five and then another one at level 10. You can expect to earn Gray Starstone throughout your adventure in Salt and Sacrifice.

Gray Starstone allows you to refund your skills in the skill tree. Every time you want to modify your overall build in Salt and Sacrifice, you will need to spend a gray starstone to receive your black starstone again. Given the limited amount of Gray Starstone you receive, you’ll want to be careful about what skills you select in your skill tree.

You’ll want to use these items sparingly. We don’t use them very often, since the main resource to get skills is Black Starstone, which you receive every time you reach another level. If you’re going through the game using a specific weapon type, look further up the skill tree to get your higher level versions of these weapons for your character to meet those requirements.

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