How to get a Glyptodont in Final Fantasy XIV – Game News

How to get a Glyptodont in Final Fantasy XIV – Game News

Final Fantasy XIV’s Island Sanctuary feature has proven to be very popular with fans who just want to relax and enjoy the quiet life. Raising animals to craft materials is a big part of the Island Sanctuary experience, and Square Enix will be adding additional creatures to find over time. Some of these animals are notoriously rare to spawn and require specific triggers before spawning. One of these elusive creatures is the Glyptodon. This is where you can find a Glyptodon in your island shrine.

How to Find a Glyptodon in Your Island Sanctuary in FFXIV

The Glyptodont is a stealthy armored mammal that inhabits the northeast coast of your island. Players wishing to tame it do not need to have flight unlocked in their island sanctuary before hunting this beast.

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The Glyptodon is found in (X:31, Y:11). However, it won’t always be there. For it to appear, you must visit your island shrine between the time period of 00:00 and 03:00 Eorzea time. Eorzea Time is the world clock in the game. The Glyptodon is considered a mean beast and can only be caught with a makeshift retainer.

It’s a pretty small window to catch this creature, and getting there in time isn’t always easy. To help out, players use external websites that monitor the weather of the nearby island shrine and notify you when the beast spawns.

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The Glyptodon will provide players with Claws and a rare chance to drop a Seashell when picking it up from the grass. Feeding him Premium Island Greenfeed once a day will give him a much better chance of providing a shell. These items are useful for crafting in the Workshop.


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