While I’ve been waiting for Star Citizen to finally officially release, there have been many updates to the long-awaited space sim. With a game still in development that features as much content as Star Citizen, it’s almost expected to have glitches and bugs. One of the bugs that seems to happen regularly is the case of the friends list disappearing. Luckily, nothing groundbreaking happens, and players have found ways to fix the issue. If this happened to you too, in this guide we will tell you how to fix the friend list error in Star Citizen.

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How to Fix Friend List Empty Error in Star Citizen

The main issue with this bug is that it does not allow your friends list to load properly once you enter the game after opening mobiGlass and selecting the Commlink tab by pressing F11. There are several ways to work around this problem.

Log back into Star Citizen

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best solutions. Return to the menu and try to connect to the game again. Open Commlink one more time and check if your friend list is working normally. Some players have reported that it sometimes takes them a few tries to fix the issue using this method. If it doesn’t work for you even then you should try the next solution.

Correction using USER data

There is a more comprehensive solution you can try, which itself is very similar to how you fix the installation error in Star Citizen. To try this method, navigate to the path where you installed Star Citizen on your computer and look for a folder called USER. It will normally follow the folder path of /Star Citizen/LIVE/USER.

This folder holds your user data for the game much like a cache, but is also notoriously prone to file corruption after updates. Open the USER folder and completely delete everything in it. Then open the RSI launcher and allow it to upload new files to that folder, filling it up once more, hopefully this time without corruption. Start the game and return to the persistent universe to check if your friends list is back to normal.

If even this method fails, the best next step is to contact RSI Support directly and report your issue to them.


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