Designating regular stashes to store items can often be one of the most tedious tasks in Dwarf Fortress. Fortunately, creating quantum caches can make the process much easier, essentially allowing you to store an infinite number of objects in a small space. Since it’s not really an official part of the game, you might want to know how you can create one for yourself. This is how you can create Quantum Reserves in Dwarf Fortress.

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How to Make Quantum Reserves in Dwarf Fortress

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To create a quantum reserve, the first thing you need to do is build a trail stop. You will be able to find it by pressing the “B” key and then selecting the Constructions category from the pop-up window. You can then choose the Track Stop option by clicking on its icon or by pressing the “K” key.

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Before placing it in an undesignated empty space, be sure to set the auto-emptying direction with the arrows in the upper right window. Note that the direction of the autodump should point to the quantum pool, which in our case was on the right.

Once you’ve figured out your direction, you can build it out of any material you like. At this point, you’ll need to pause the game so your dwarves don’t make unwanted changes to the quantum storage process.

Dwarven Fortress Reserve

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You will then need to create a regular booking next to the track stop at the address you chose above. After designating it, choose an icon to specify the reservation type. Although we chose Stone for our example, you can select any of the other icons when creating your own.

Dwarven Fortress Seesaw

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Also make sure to turn off the “Toggle if stash can pick up items from anywhere” option in the top right corner of the stash window. Once you’ve disabled it, select the barrel icon and make sure all storage and tools are zeroed.

Dwarf fortress minecart routes

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Next, you will need to place a minecart at the track stop you created earlier. If you don’t have a minecart ready, quickly resume the game and have one built in the carpenter’s workshop. As soon as it’s done, pause the game again and open the Minecart Routes window by pressing the “H” key.

Dwarf fortress Add route

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Later, you need to press the “Add new route” button and then select the track icon with the plus sign that appears. Once you click on this icon, you can click on the track stop you made earlier. Then a new one should appear in the pop-up window.

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Dwarf Fortress adds minecart

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Next, add a cart to Track Stop by tapping the icon that shows a cart with a plus button. In the window that appears, select the minecart you built earlier.

Item Type Dwarf Fortress

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Next, configure the items to load into the minecart by clicking the shopping cart icon with the down arrow at the top. Since we previously chose Stone as the stockpile type, we will also select Stone for the minecart. Be sure to click the All button at the top of the window so that it accepts all the element types you have chosen.

Dwarven Fortress Reserve select

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Next, select the reservation icon in the Minecart Routes window. Another window should then appear, after which you need to press the central icon which has a mining cart with an arrow pointing up.

Dwarven Fortress 2 21 2023 3 52 22 AM

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Once selected, you will be able to choose which reservation you would like to make your reservation from, so opt for the one that contains the type of item you have chosen above.

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Dwarf fortress remove conditions

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Once you have determined the power reserve, set the minecart conditions by clicking the icon with the green symbols inside. Once the window appears, just press the X button to remove all conditions and click Done.

Dwarven Fortress Quantum Reserve

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As soon as the whole process is complete, you can resume the game and you can watch your dwarves put an infinite amount of the specified resources in one place.


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