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How to Complete Defiant Battleground: EDZ Activities in Destiny 2

Defiant Battleground: EDZ is the first seasonal activity you can participate in with Destiny 2 Season of Defiance. Although the name suggests something familiar, this is a battle against the forces of darkness like you’ve never seen before, culminating in the rescue of precious prisoners. This guide covers how to complete Defaint Battleground: EDZ activities so you don’t get too stuck to tackle them.

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Challenging Battleground: EDZ Walkthrough

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You can access the Defiant Battleground: EDZ activity from the map on The Farm in the EDZ or directly from HELM. Select it to compete against other players and get started.


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Once you enter the activity, follow the on-screen objective marker until you find enemies. You have to fight your way through them, killing every enemy you see, until you reach a large expanse of open water with a Pyramid ship on the opposite side. Your next objective is in the middle of the water, a protruding section of concrete.

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Once you reach the marked location, you will need to interact with it to use Mara Sov’s power to enter the Ascendant Plane. This is where the real fight begins. In the Ascendant Plane, you need to move forward and fight your way through captured enemies. As you progress, you’ll see Taken Blights that need to be destroyed. Take them out and fire up the Balefire to clear the way forward.


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Many of these paths will be blocked and the enemies taken have a high power level, so be aware of where you are and how many enemies are around you. We found that the best approach was to hang back and take out enemies from afar before moving in close to take out Taken Blights. Of course, you’ll have to take the risk of igniting the Balefires, but once ignited, enemies are quickly taken down.


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After crossing the outer area of ​​the Ascended Plane and entering the main structure of the pyramid, you will face your first boss. This is likely to change from week to week, but the one we faced Season of Defiance week one was called Exomida, Excerpt from The Witness.


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This monstrosity is a corrupt giant server and deals a lot of damage. You will need to stay back and eliminate the enemies that appear in the room before attacking the boss too much. There are grabs that spawn at high vantage points that cause a massive amount of damage if left unchecked, so deal with those first. With every third of his health he will gain a shield and become immune to damage. You must destroy the Taken Blights that appear in the room to remove the shield and put the boss into the damage phase once more.


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Once the first boss is defeated, run out of the room and follow the objective marker. This will take you to a new area where the prisoners are, but you can’t get them yet. Clear the room of enemies and you’ll activate a second boss to jump in and start fighting for you. Again, this can change from week to week, but the boss we faced was called Guardian Vincu’us, Legion of Shadows.


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This boss is very different from the first one. You will be able to knock down its first third of health without any problem. However, at that time, a strange mist will be activated which will appear in the room and start damaging you before moving away from you. Follow him, turn on the Balefire for cover, and start killing the enemies that appear.


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You must kill the mages that spawn in this phase of the fight to remove the boss’s shield. They’ll drop Taken Essences and you’ll need to dedicate them to the Balefire before casting the orb that gives you the boss. The orb must hit to remove part of the boss’s shield. Repeat this process until the boss’s shield is down and you can damage it once more.


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After removing this second piece of health, the boss will jump once more. In this new position, he can see you wherever you are on the map and won’t stop shooting at you. This makes obtaining Taken Essence and consecrating it much more difficult, but you can do it. Repeat the process of removing the boss’s shield this way, then kill him when the shield is down.


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Once the boss is defeated, you can go upstairs and save the prisoners. When you do this for the first time, it will be Amanda Holliday that you save and you will get a short cutscene after the mission is completed.

How to use difficult keys


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Hard Keys have a chance to be awarded for completing Lightfall expansion story missions, Crucible matches, Gambit matches, terminal overload activity in Neomuna, Raids, and Vanguard Ops missions. They are automatically used when you complete a Defiant Battleground activity. We managed to get one of the new seasonal weapons when we completed a Defiant Battleground: EDZ Job after claiming a Defiant Key from the Season of Defiance season pass.


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