How to Claim Twitch Drops in Overwatch 2 - Video Games

How to Claim Twitch Drops in Overwatch 2 – Video Games

Twitch Drops are a great way for people who love watching streams of their favorite games and creators to get extra freebies for those games by watching those streamers. In Overwatch 2, these items include legendary skins, player icons, sprays, and potentially more. To set up your account for this, here’s how to claim Twitch Drops in Overwatch 2.

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How to Link Your Account for Overwatch 2 Twitch Drops

Getting Twitch Drops in Overwatch 2 is quite simple; you just need to link your and Twitch accounts. This should be done regardless of whether you already connected them for the first Overwatch game.

To get started, log into the account you use to play Overwatch 2 on the Connections page of your account settings on the website. At the bottom there will be an entrance for Twitch.

Gamepur screenshot

Click Connect on the right side and you will be transported to the Twitch site to connect and confirm your information. Make sure you are logging into the correct accounts you want as there is a seven day wait before you can switch to others. Review all of the confirmation pages, including the one on the site, and you’ll be good to go.

How to Get Twitch Drops for Overwatch 2

Twitch Drops are really simple to understand. When an event is in progress that allows Twitch Drops, Blizzard announces it, and streamers on Twitch will have something in their stream titles saying they have “Drops enabled”. Watch these streams for a combined two hours, sometimes more, and you’ll start earning drops, but you have to claim them to get them in-game.

Once you have earned the Drops, click on your profile icon on Twitch and go to Drops. Under the Inventory tab are all the items you can claim. Once you claim them, they will appear in your Overwatch 2 account within 24 hours. Make sure you are logged in to the region you normally play in, as loot will only be delivered to that region. You have 14 days to claim them before they expire.

Real Overwatch 2 Twitch Drops

OW Ashe Socialite

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Between February 7 and February 21, you can earn Twitch Drops for Seven of Spades Spray and Legendary Socialite Skin for Ashe by watching two and then four additional hours of Overwatch 2 streams.


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