How a tomato mod turns Skyrim upside down

How a tomato mod turns Skyrim upside down

Now you can take on the dragon with a new terrifying weapon – Ripe Tomatoes

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim celebrates its tenth anniversary in a few months. The role-playing epic from Bethesda has not only been ported to almost every conceivable device since its appearance, but has also been played by millions of players worldwide for hundreds of hours.

You might think that you have already seen and experienced everything in Skyrim – far from it, as a new mod now proves.

New mod turns tomatoes into a weapon

A person with the nickname Nakano52 tried to grow the red nightshade plant according to his own information. And with success: meanwhile, numerous tomatoes are waiting to be harvested every day. This triumph gave birth to the idea of ​​creating a mod for Skyrim to help the tomato achieve new fame.

New spell and a tomato stick: Now, of course, you could just put a huge tomato on the market square of Whiterun or in the Academy of Winterfest, so that the NPCs have something to pay homage to. Nakano52 seems to be more practical, however, and decided to bring new wind to Skyrim’s combat system.

Therefore, he created a new spell, the damage of which is divided into three levels. The same applies to the staff, which also shoots tomatoes and teaches fear to the enemy. At the highest level, the effect is like an explosion. Incidentally, the damage values ​​are more than impressive:

Magic spell:

  • Small tomatoes deal 8 points of damage per second
  • Medium tomatoes deal 25 points of damage per second
  • Large tomatoes explode and cause 80 points of damage within a radius of 10 meters.


  • Small tomatoes deal 10 points of damage per second
  • Medium tomatoes do 35 points of damage per second
  • Large tomatoes explode and cause an impressive 190 points of damage within a radius of 14 meters.

Incidentally, both the magic spell and the wand should be organically integrated into the Skyrim item system, i.e. you don’t have to look for them specifically, you will find them at some point as a loot or at a dealer.

Installation and other curiosities

If you feel like running through Skyrim and beating bad minions with tomatoes, you can find the “La Tomatina” mod at Nexusmods. The mod comes in the form of an ESP plugin file, so it has to be integrated via the launcher before starting the game.

Killer tomatoes aren’t the only curiosity Skyrim still has to offer after almost ten years. A player recently celebrated the achievement of killing almost everyone and everything in Skyrim.

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