Digital Foundry says the new update greatly improves the game’s graphics

Not long ago he was released update 1.16 per Horizon Forbidden West a follow-up to the highly acclaimed Horizon Zero Dawn, released last February and which is also enjoying great success worldwide. As usual, several post-launch updates have also been released for Horizon that aim to fix various bugs and problems of which the game was affected.

In this case, Digital Foundry which deals with analysis of games and hardware, has published a video analysis in which it shows all the improvements that have been made to the game by the update, confirming how problems related to the mode have been solved 60 FPS. According to them, in fact, it is now the best graphics mode to be able to witness the adventures of Aloy are PlayStation 5.

Horizon Forbidden West has another face at 60 FPS according to Digital Foundry
Among the various things that have been resolved with the patch 1.16, Digital Foundry he explained how the problem related to vegetation that plagued the game since day-one was completely solved. Furthermore, the game still makes use of a workaround of rendering checkerboard which produces an image a 3200×1800but what makes the difference is the system anti-alising which uses an already processed frame together with an unprocessed one to create the final processed version.

Finally, in the documentation relating to the update, it is emphasized that it introduces some fixes to bugs and general problems, as well as major changes to the game, including: the camera, the position of the lights and their intensity, as well as the gradations of color. In short, Digital Foundry pointed out how the changes in Horizon Forbidden West are full-bodied, complimenting Guerrilla for the work done.

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