Hogwarts Legacy: Open World, Quidditch, Your Harry Potter Expectations

Hogwarts Legacy: Open World, Quidditch, Your Harry Potter Expectations

Expected in 2022, Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy embodies the fantasy of an ambitious open-world RPG set in the world of Harry Potter, which is finally about to come true.

For the moment, there is only one trailer to be eaten. In order to be patient, we asked you your expectations concerning the game. We cross-check your answers with the information known to date.

True open world

This is the wish that came back the most when we interviewed you. “With today’s triple-A, I have the right to expect (the possibility, editor’s note) of going everywhere in Hogwarts, and in the Forbidden Forest, the dungeons, etc.” Luca explains to us, for example, on Twitter.

Good news, Hogwarts Legacy will be built like this. On the official site of the game, we can read that the RPG will take us “beyond Hogwarts in particular the Forbidden Forest and the village of Hogsmeade”.

In the one and only trailer for the moment released, we can see the famous village, for once without its blanket of snow, unlike the films. And one tweet from the official Hogwarts Legacy account gives an overview of what appears to be Diagon Alley.

Maeva, on the other hand, would like an open world that focuses on the essentials. “Apart from the fourth opus, it never brought a lot to go to Beauxbatons, and (the film, editor’s note) Fantastic Beasts has shown that what interests the most is Hogwarts” she believes.

As for the most famous school of witchcraft, Avalanche developers will be able to rely on the reproduction present in the adaptation of the fifth installment of the series, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, which already offered to tour the entire castle.

But some surprises will also be there. In this regard, the official website of the game talks about “new and familiar places” that we can explore. The first trailer gives a taste of it.

I want the same wow effect as in the days of the Harry Potter games 1 and 2. To be able to walk all over Hogwarts. Iconic places, of course, but also a ton of secret passages – Vincent, on Twitter

Student Wizard Simulator

If the world of Harry Potter inspires enchanting places, it also stages a real student life, depicted in a more marked way over the feature films. A daily life in particular made up of lessons and timetables to be respected. On Twitter, Captain Anox explains thus waiting for a “complete study simulator at Hogwarts”.

Same story with Jordan, who would like to be able to customize and specialize his avatar. On the official website of the game, it is specified that the players “Will develop their magical abilities by mastering spells, brewing potions and taming fantastic animals”.

As for the way in which everything will fit into the adventure, we can imagine a system like Fire Emblem: Three Houses, where each class allows you to gain experience points, which can then be distributed among several characteristics.

While citing potential inspirations, Eneenes evokes the Canis Canem Edit system, where the fact of following and above all missing lessons has a real impact. Jordan, meanwhile, cites Persona 5 for everything to do with handling friendships and romantic relationships.

In this regard, the game trailer specifies that the player will be “Friends for life”. Because yes, the daily life of a student wizard is not only synonymous with lessons. On the fringes of social life, Captain Anox would like to see experiences for “put your knowledge to good use”.

We remember, for example, in some Harry Potter games, magic duels. Experiences that could also take into account the specificities of each house.

Personalization galore

While we are talking about the different houses, know that it will be possible to choose your own from the start of the adventure. The information is indeed mentioned on the official Hogwarts Legacy website, and details will come later in this regard.

A crucial step which will undoubtedly be piloted by the famous sorting hat, which can be seen in the trailer. “I hope the choice of house will have a real impact on the story and the characters, I don’t want it to be just a pattern on a uniform” notes Parge Lenis, on Twitter.

A few clues on the game’s website suggest that this will be the case, but nothing official yet.

What is certain, however, is that the player will be able to choose his appearance and his voice regardless of gender, and freely opt for the dormitory of women or men, all in an approach of inclusiveness.

As for customization, Gimmy would like Hogwarts Legacy to take inspiration from the creator of Monster Hunter World, which already offered extensive options to create the hero of his dreams. Let’s also hope that the players can choose their own path, between good and bad.

For now, all we know is that we will have the opportunity to “become the witch or the wizard of our choice”.

Roleplay (in Hogwarts Legacy) would be amazing – Corentin, on Twitter

Focus on quidditch

Another wish that comes up a lot is to see Quidditch, the wizard’s favorite sport, in Hogwarts Legacy. But also players, obviously.

For Damien, this is one of his biggest expectations. And for his part, Luca already imagines what it could be like in the final game: “(I wish I could) be selected for the job I want. You miss the selections, it’s dead to be in the team this year”.

For the moment, no sign of discipline on flying brooms in the title, whether in the trailer or on the official website. But we are never safe from a surprise, especially with a release scheduled for 2022.

Over the course of the Harry Potter games, we can not really say that the magical sport has received the greatest care.

“Quidditch without going through rings (in Hogwarts Legacy, editor’s note), that would be good” laughs for example Lornam, on Twitter, referring to the first Harry Potter video games, where the discipline of wizards was reduced to passing through rings to gain power and reach the Snitch.

This was also the case in the adaptation of The Half-Blood Prince. Of course, we must not forget Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup, a game entirely dedicated to this sport. But it wasn’t a success story either.

Quality script and characters

We follow up with something that may seem obvious, but which remains crucial: the story. “I’m waiting for a good script, which is the most important and that we forget more and more” Sacha thus affirms, on Twitter.

At the moment we know that the events of Hogwarts Legacy will take place in 1800, well before the arrival of Ron, Harry, and Hermione. As confirmed by the official website of the title, we will therefore not meet the famous trio, which does not mean that there will be no cult characters in the Hogwarts Legacy.

“Dumbledore and Grindelwald must have been in those years right?” Damien points out to us. He pursues: “Why not take a look at the Riddle ancestors. Maybe meet Nicolas Flamel himself?”. For now, regarding what will happen in Hogwarts Legacy, the official site gives more details:

Your character is a student holding the key to an ancient secret that threatens to tear the wizarding world apart. You were late accepted into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and quickly discover that you are no ordinary student: you have an unusual ability to perceive and harness ancient magic. Only you can decide whether you will protect this secret for the good of all or give in to the temptation of more sinister magic. – Synopsis of Hogwarts Legacy, on the game’s official website

True coop mode

Finally, you are very much to hope that cooperation will play an important place in Hogwarts Legacy, like SouKouKou, who only quotes the “Coop mode” for his expectations. But it seems pretty badly off.

For now, the official website specifies that it is a “Open-world action-adventure role-playing game, playable for one player”.

This does not, however, exclude a dimension of several. On the same page, we can learn that the abilities of the players will be able to develop in “Selecting companions to help them face deadly enemies”, so why not real gamers instead of AIs?

In short, there are still a lot of details to learn about the title. But the will of the fans seems to point towards one thing, summed up by Captain Anox: “Full fan service that we have been waiting for for years”.

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