Hitman 3: the free Ambrose Island DLC arrives on July 26

Hitman 3 Ambrose Island will be available on July 26

Hitman 3 Ambrose Island will be available on July 26. Players will land in a pirate lair.

DLCs ​​are a good way to keep players interested in a game, at a lower cost, so to speak. A fortiori if this new content is offered free of charge. This is an opportunity for players to come back to the game if they had moved on and it can also help to win new users if the quality is there. A free DLC is therefore often very well received. At the end of the month, it’s the fans of Hitman 3 who can benefit from it.

Hitman 3 Ambrose Island will be available on July 26

Ambrose Island is the first new level in Hitman 3 since its release. This will be available on July 26. IO Interactive revealed all the details of this DLC recently when it published the latest roadmap for the game. The studio had promised to share more information about this new content, fans are now served. IO Interactive explains that Ambrose Island will introduce new challenges for players to complete. They will also have access to new rewards to unlock and new targets to assassinate.

Players will land in a pirate lair

As The Verge details, IO Interactive gave a first look at Ambrose Island earlier this year as part of its Hitman 3 Year 2 preview. At that time, the studio only had one and unique screenshot to share. Very thin therefore for players who hoped to know a little more. With this recent announcement, IO Interactive stated that the DLC will take players to a pirate lair located in the Andaman Sea and reunite our well-known hero Agent 47 with an “old friend”.

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