Hearthstone: Three Low-cost decks to become Legendary, Our Guide

Hearthstone: Three Low-cost decks to become Legendary, Our Guide

Blizzard has increased the game modes to provide variety for players (Battlegrounds, duel) but climbing the ladder of ranked games to reach legend rank remains the favorite activity of many players.

Accumulating gold and packs in Hearthstone has not been easy since the game’s overhaul has been revamped, three efficient and inexpensive decks (less than 3000 dust), tested by yours truly to shine on the world’s most popular card game.

Three decks to pass legend: Combo Thief, Druid Token and Aggro Mage

  • The Thief Adventurer Combo

The Thief is great at generating random resources, and the low cost of the cards in this deck allows for big tricks in terms of tempo. Your secret weapon? The adventurer in full quest which gets + 1 / + 1 for each card played. A true cornerstone of your deck, it should only be played when you can play at least three cards on the turn it is laid.

Code: AAECAaIHAsGuA9nRAw60Ae0ClwaIB4YJj5cD + 6ID9acDqssDx84DpNED390D590D890DAA ==

Druid token remains one of the oldest deck archetypes in the game. For some time the deck can afford to play. without servants and therefore without legendaries to take advantage of the very powerful effect of Shiny Cloud, your key card.

This card is obviously to be kept in your starting hand with mana acceleration, which will help you fill the board very quickly to overwhelm your opponent.

Code : AAECAZICAA / + Af0C9wPmBcqcA6 + iA / m1A + W6A ++ 6A / nMA5vOA7nSA / DUA4rgA4zkAwA =

You can’t talk about low-cost decks without including at least one good old aggressive deck. This mage deck, more enjoyable to play than the aggro thief, is based on spell damage minions to inflict heavy damage on the opposing board.

It also contains a lot of direct damage and can even generate additional spells in hand thanks to the mana cyclone. The sorcerer’s apprentice will be your flagship card to play many free spells in a devastating spin.

Code : AAECAf0EAtDOA4XkAw67Ar8DtATmBJYF4psD/50D+6wD868Dhc0Dzc4D99ED+N0Dh+QDAA==

To import these decks, copy the above codes to your clipboard and click on “New Deck” in your “collection” tab in-game. You will then be automatically offered to create the deck in question.

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