Halo Infinite is a good game in the hands of 343 Industries and in the library Xbox, but it is weak on the content side, too few in number to keep users’ attention high for long periods of time. Many therefore look to the future hoping that new full-bodied contents can be added to the offer of the title, so as to do justice in truth to the qualitative potential of a game in any case well developed, and with many eyes on the future of the series the arrival is inevitable, from time to time, of leaks and rumors from presumed subjects close to the development environments. Today we are here to talk about the latest leak starring the most recent adventure of Master Chief.

A look at Halo Infinite and its future, both near and far, through a leak (to be verified):

The leak in question appeared on Reddit and was then shared via Twitter by IdleSlothand reports the following about the future of the title: “Quick notes written on my phone, I’ll try to clean up later. Apparently some 343 Industries employees had the blessing to post the leak:

  • 2 OG Maps + 60 players in battle royale, not before winter 2023, there will be loot linked to the tier.
  • Campaign DLC after 2024 (no plans this year) to fight endlessly on “various” worlds. Joe Staton is in charge of that.
  • The Forge: Will it arrive sooner than expected? They are relying heavily on the community. There is also some kind of (potentially) big controversy.

About the multiplayer seasons:

  • S6: new non-spartan core (non elite) + new weapons.
  • S5: Will introduce vehicles and weapons from classic games.
  • S4: Should introduce infections.
  • S3: Will introduce the new weapon the community is chatting about (likely to last six months).
  • Corporate ‘gridlock’ is really slowing things down.
  • 343 Industries is still trying to “See clearly” on how to make a live service, no idea.

The leak comes from an anonymous source and it is therefore impossible to establish its reliability or possible proximity to the development environment of Halo Infinite, so be careful and don’t take these leaks for real. Read them as a simple opinion or, at the very least, a possibility. If something should change in the future, confirming or refuting these rumors, then and only then will we have some certainty on the basis of which we can argue without fear of wasting breath on hot air. Anyway what do you think of these possibilities? Would they know how to satisfy you, or would you like more? Tell us in the space below dedicated to comments and let’s talk about it together!

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