With the release of the Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons DLC, MMO enthusiasts have explored every nook and cranny of Gyala Delve, the vast mining area that came with the What Lies Beneath update. While the story itself is heavily Cantha-based, it turns out there are hints of the upcoming Guild Wars 2 expansion as well.

All we know for now is that there will actually be a fourth expansion for Guild Wars 2, likely due to what designer Joe Kimmes calls “a big year for Guild Wars” in 2022.

Although it’s probably some time away (but not five years, please ArenaNet), I asked What Lies Beneath Team Leader Elijah Miller if the Guild Wars 2 End DLC of Dragons had nods to future content.

“For expansion content drops post-launch, we’ll keep story objectives flexible: they can tell stand-alone stories that follow your expansion or act as an introduction to what’s to come,” they told – Game News. “What Lies Beneath is primarily a sequel to End of Dragons that looks at how some of your friends are coping after the events of that story.”

However, they continue to throw a cheeky curveball, stating that “there are plot elements leaking and you may see more in the days to come.”

What they are, of course, remains a mystery, but I suggest you keep your eyes peeled as you traverse the jade-stained world of Cantha and Gyala Delve; after all, you never know what lurks in the shadows.

What Lies Beneath is a free DLC, so all you have to do is install it if you want to try it. If you haven’t played the main story yet, be sure to check out the Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons review to find out what to expect. If you have already completed What Lies Beneath and need something else to occupy your time, we have a list of the best dragon games; After all, Guild Wars and dragons go hand in hand.

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