After eight years – GTA5 player finds secret police portal

GTA5 Player finds Secret Police Portal

A Grand Theft Auto fan discovered a new, long-hidden GTA 5 secret on Reddit. Eight years after Rockstar Games first released the game on PS3 and Xbox 360. Because for the first time it was observed how after spawning police cars literally enter the game world through a portal.

Grand Theft Auto

An absolute trademark of the GTA series are the almost infinite possibilities and freedoms that the games offer. The player can explore the entire game world at any time and always find new employment opportunities, mini-games and Easter eggs. Even years after the release of GTA 5, well-hidden Easter eggs were discovered.

With the introduction of GTA Online, the amount of new features has increased again significantly and every year more and more gamers spend their time in the Rockstar online service.


But no matter how many options and possibilities there will be. In the end, there is nothing better for many players than simply plunging into absolute chaos and starting a guerrilla war in Los Santos.

Achieving 5 stars, fending off hordes of police cars and trying to survive as long as possible is and will remain one of the best pastimes in the entire game.

This applies to GTA 5 as well as to any other part of the series.


But no matter how well equipped you are- you are guaranteed to get caught at some point. Even with cheat codes, you cannot escape the Los Santos police force. But where do the masses of police forces, vehicles and helicopters actually come from, which make your life difficult and ultimately bring down every player?

A Reddit user has now found out. The game literally spawns a portal in the game world through which the police cars spawn in a steady stream. Funnily enough, the police do not just come in, but make a little jump while they thread in. Check it out!

I found where they all come from from r/gtaonline

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