GTA Online weekly update adds a new car, the Broadway Classic

GTA Online weekly update adds a new car, the Broadway Classic

It’s time for the weekly GTA Online update, and we’ve got all the details for you on the new Valentine’s Day car and goodies available in Rockstar’s biggest and best multiplayer game for the week of February 9 to 15. The Broadway Classic is coming to Los Santos with a special love-themed livery and a selection of freebies for logging into Grand Theft Auto 5, plus all the usual bonuses and rewards you’d expect, which we already have presented. Official Rockstar patch notes.

Broadway classic is GTA Online’s new car, and it’s a sleek two-door coupe in the vein of classic 1940s Mafioso muscle cars, apparently inspired by models like the real Oldsmobile Series 60. You can get one in-game for GTA$925,000 from Southern San Andreas Super Autos, though it’s also available in rotation at Simeon’s Auto Shop. There’s also a special Los Santos Lovers livery available with cute heart-shaped stickers, if you’re looking to give that “just married” vibe for Valentine’s Day.

Simeon also has his usual selection of other high-end cars on sale: in addition to the Broadway this week, the sale includes the Albany Roosevelt Valor, Overflod Entity MT, classic Übermacht Zion and Vapid Peyote Gasser. Meanwhile, dealership Rockford Hills Luxury Autos is offering the Dewbauchee JB 700W and Declasse Mamba in its showroom for the week of February 9.

In addition to the Valentine’s Day livery, players can get a Heartbreak Pendant and a Valentine’s Day Jacket for free just by logging in. That’s not all: to accompany the arrival of Broadway, you can complete this gangster look with a free Gusenberg. Sweeper, a powerful SMG drum magazine first introduced as part of the Be My Valentine update.

The GTA Online podium from February 9 to 15 is the Albany Roosevelt, another classic car that would normally set you back $750,000 but can be yours with a lucky spin on the Diamond Casino prize wheel. Meanwhile, the price of GTA Online is the Obey the 8F editora sleek two-door sports car priced at $718,000 that can be yours to top a Pursuit race series two days in a row.

Finally, there are now new clothes available for purchase which were introduced as part of the GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars update. You will also be able to get Diamonds as additional loot from the Diamond Casino Heist, with a 40% chance of catching them.

GTA Online Bonus: February 9-15

Here are all of the GTA Online bonuses for this week:

  • 3x GTA$ & RP on Till Death Do Us Part
  • 3x GTA$ & RP Wedding Deathmatch Shotgun
  • 3x GTA$ & RP Missile Base Adversary Mode
  • 2x GTA$ & RP in six new Community Series modes
  • 1.5x GTA$ & RP on Phone Views

GTA Online Discounts: February 9-15

Here are all the GTA Online discounts on offer this week:

50% off

  • Be My Valentine jackets and dresses
  • arcade games

35% off

  • Arcades and Reforms
  • Peyote Gasser
  • roosevelt courage

25% discount

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