GTA Online: New Missions, Vehicles, and More Announced for 2021

GTA Online: New Missions, Vehicles, and More Announced for 2021

Rockstar Games has announced new content for GTA Online in the coming months.

With the Cayo Perico Heist, GTA Online received its biggest update to date at the end of 2020. Now Rockstar Games is already stepping up: The studio behind Grand Theft Auto officially announced a major content offensive in the summer of 2021 to start. There is talk of new missions, vehicles, tuning options and opportunities to earn money.

In the following we summarize the most important information for you from the new blog entry in Rockstar Newswire. Also exciting: the NextGen version of GTA 5 for Playstation 5, Xbox Series X / S and the PC has been announced for November 11, 2021. The standalone version of GTA 5 will appear on the same date.

New heist and racing missions: GTA Online is slated to get new missions over the coming months. There is explicit mention of previously unseen types of races and robbery missions that extend over several parts. Specially modified escape vehicles should play a key role in this. There are currently no more details about the new jobs.

New vehicles and tuning options: The GTAO summer 2021 seems to be all about new cars and upgrading them. Rockstar promises that players will get new tuning options and also the possibility to present their souped-up sleds protected from other players.

So far there are no specific details. We could imagine, however, that GTA Online will be expanded to include a new, commercially available property – not dissimilar to the previously available nightclubs, arcade halls or bunkers and bases. A workshop or a car dealership would make sense for this.

But it is just as possible that a new social hub will be teased here. As at the night club The Music Locker or the beach party on Cayo Perico, car enthusiasts could meet in peace in certain places, protected from other players. This is mere speculation and fans should wait for more details from Rockstar.

Will players soon be able to hold official car meetings? Since the community likes to meet up in free mode, a feature of this kind would definitely make sense.

New ways to earn money: Likewise, new ways to earn money in GTA Online are teased. They are likely to be related to the new vehicles and the modification thereof, among other things. Stealing and selling cars already played an important role in GTA Online and of course Grand Theft Auto in general. In summer 2021, these activities will be deepened even further.

New missions for known modes: Rockstar Games will be more specific when it comes to expanding existing game modes. There will be eight new stunt races that will be playable from May 27, 2021. “A short time later” Deadline is to be expanded by seven new arenas, while the struggles for survival will also receive new arenas.

Neue Quality-of-Life-Updates: Last but not least, Rockstar Games has announced new quality-of-life improvements for GTA Online. That means working on technical problems, eliminating stumbling blocks in game design and also taking feedback from the community into account. What exactly Rockstar has in mind is currently not known.

The Los Santos Summer Special of 2020 already brought a whole range of these improvements to GTA Online. We have already presented our six highlights to you in a separate article.

NextGen and standalone version at the end of 2021

NextGen-Version: Rockstar also announced that the NextGen version of GTA 5 for Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X will be released on November 11, 2021. PC gamers can look forward to an upgrade in the same breath. What specific improvements will be made – technical, graphical, content or playful – remains to be seen.

Events prepare for the standalone version: Since GTA Online also gets its standalone version with it, Rockstar wants to heat up its release additionally. There is talk of “special advantages” that players can secure themselves in the coming months in order to make use of them for the release in November. Again we have to wait for more details in this regard.

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