GTA Online: how to get the Panic Prolaps basketball outfit and the Bravado Verlierer vehicle for free

GTA Online: how to get the Panic Prolaps basketball outfit and the Bravado Verlierer vehicle for free

From time to time GTA Online leaves us with good news with discounts on some other products and also others that we can obtain for free.

Without going any further, during the next few days you will be able to get free basketball clothes from the Panic Prolaps brand and also the Bravado Verlierer vehicle, so we will explain how in the following guide.

How to get free Panic Prolaps basketball apparel

It never hurts to have spare clothes to change the appearance of our character from time to time. If you love basketball then you will be interested in getting the Panic Prolaps T-shirt and shorts. Of course, to get them without having to pay anything, you will need to play the Blow to Cayo Perico expansion.

The objective will be to complete the final round, which will reward you with the shirt in question. Also, if you do a secondary objective at the same time, you will get those pants in exchange. For this you will have time until next March 17, so you have enough days ahead to carry out this task.

How to get the Bravado Verlierer vehicle for free

Every week you have a mandatory appointment at The Diamond Casino & Resort , because the wheel of fortune that is in this place will allow you to obtain prizes as succulent as dollars, clothing and other gifts. Of course, the best of all is the Bravado Verlierer, a convertible sports car that is valued at $ 695,000.

It is a two-door car that will delight the most collectors, so you can try your luck to take it until next March 11. In any case, we remember that to spin the roulette you will need a casino membership, which will allow you to try your luck once a day.

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