The new subscription is criticized even before its release

Days ago, Rockstar Games announced its new subscription program GTA+ per GTA Online, and it went down well as expected. The premium membership is exclusive to PlayStation 5 e Xbox Serie X/Swho are guaranteed a monthly deposit of $ 500,000 Of GTA in their accounts Maze Bank along with other benefits and bonuses for a monthly fee of 6 dollars.

What players are saying about GTA Online membership

It would be difficult to find more than one or two positive responses to the ad. Some players have suggested that GTA+ is an attempt to counter the decline in sales of Shark Cash Card. Others have pointed out that the monthly deposit is too low to even consider shelling out $ 6 a month and the rest of the sign-up bonuses are easily obtained by playing. Then, there is the Career Builder for new players, so it makes little sense to have GTA+.

Interestingly, there is a stark contrast between the surrounding controversies Grand Theft Auto Online e GTA V, and the sales of the latter. Just yesterday, Games Industry reported that Grand Theft Auto V has ousted Elden Ring in the digital sales charts of UK after launch on PS5 e Xbox Series X/Smaking this the third generation of gaming platforms that Grand Theft Auto V domina.

GTA V per Next-Gen

Rockstar Games has obviously already kicked off the pre-orders of the version Next Gen Of Grand Theft Auto Vnew version of the famous fifth installment in the series of GrandTheft Auto V ready to land also on the new generation consoles of Sony Interactive Entertainment e Microsoft.

The famous American development team has not yet officially revealed the pre-order prices of this new version of the title, but according to the prices available on the PlayStation Store It is on Microsoft Store you can see how users on PlayStation 5 they can get their hands on the game with a very important discount compared to those Xbox Series X|S (9,99 Euro).

The owners of PS5 they can also get it totally free Grand Theft Auto Online per me three monthsthen until June 15, 2022 when this great promotion ends. This offer should be directed exclusively to subscribers to Playstation Plusbut according to some reports, the game should actually be free for everyone.

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