GTA 6 will not be as

GTA 6 will not be as “edgy” as GTA 5, explains Rockstar founder

There is a great change going on in many areas of the world. Political and social developments affect almost every field of industry and life. Video games are also affected.

Jamie King – one of the founders of Rockstar Games – has offered his thoughts on how the Grand Theft Auto games will change due to the different directions the studio has taken in recent years.

Changes in Grand Theft Auto

After all the nagging about the modern remasters of GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas, it’s a shame that the Definitive Edition left a lot to be desired.

Amidst this flurry of anger from fans who were hoping the remasters would bridge the gap until the release of Grand Theft Auto VI, the rumors surrounding the GTA V sequel didn’t stop. As is well known, not much is known about GTA VI.

However, an interview with one of the founders of Rockstar Games could offer a more concrete insight into the next part. In an interview with Killaz, a YouTube channel focused on Grand Theft Auto, Jamie King shed some light on how he envisions the next game in certain respects.

About the possible gaming experience he says: “It’s the same engine I was working on when I was there, the core of it. It’s the same content. They’ve really perfected the systems so I’d be surprised if the game mechanics were really compromised.” he added.


He then said that he wouldn’t be surprised if the content in the upcoming game wasn’t quite as “edgy” as it was before. “It wouldn’t surprise me if the tone changes and maybe it’s not quite as edgy or fun anymore.”

King justifies it with internal and cultural changes that also influence the development of GTA VI. Considering the “cancel culture” that is currently very present, this conclusion seems quite logical.

Here you can see the interview:

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