GTA 5 Online: The next big leaked update?  Activities outside of San Andreas?

GTA 5 Online: The next big leaked update? Activities outside of San Andreas?

If that’s the wasteland on the multiplayer side of Red Dead Redemption II, it’s not so when it comes to GTA Online. Especially since, according to recent rumors, it seems that the game is preparing to welcome a new major update. We dissect everything together.

New weapons, additional garages

While we were impatiently waiting for Rockstar to reveal the update of the week of GTA Online, now the studio decides to extend its last event until July 26 and curious players are leaking a lot of information about the future major update of Grand Theft Auto V. According to the famous leaker alloc8or, Rockstar would have listed the arrival of a “DLC 1 2022”, the update should notably include 26 new locations for new vehicle garagesbut this is just the icing on the cake.

According to alloc8or so, two new weapons will also appear with this new update. Specifically, it would be two unreleased rifles. The first is described by Rockstar as a “tactical rifle” and the second is, unfortunately, much more mysterious. However, it could be a sniper rifle since it is codenamed “PRCSRIFLE”.

Activities galore, including one outside San Andreas

What would GTA Online be without its many activities? Nothing ! This is also why it seems that this mysterious update would also offer players the opportunity to participate in new parachute jumps; the latter will be particularly collectible. But finally, the biggest interest of this patch would be the arrival of new activities outside of San Andreas.

What does that mean ? Several possibilities, GTA Online could take players to the snowy lands of the introduction of Solo mode or even offer a whole new area or even the whole thing would take place again on the island of Cayo Perico. On our side, we opt of course for this last assumption which currently seems the most appropriate, but we are not immune to a good surprise.

A release date on the horizon?

Unfortunately, this major new update has yet to find a release date according to the leaker, however, as we said in the introduction, Rockstar recently extended their last GTA Online weekly event until July 26th. It could therefore be that the next major update arrives at this same time.

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