GTA 5 Online: Earn Money Fast, Gifts & New Vehicle – New This Week

GTA 5 Online: Earn Money Fast, Gifts & New Vehicle

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Rockstar Games gives an update on the new activities and rewards in GTA 5 Online. Also this week it should be worthwhile to pay a visit to the online world of open world action. All players who dial in between January 14th and 20th will receive the shark design for the Pegassi Toreador free of charge. The car is also the current main prize on the wheel of fortune in the casino. In addition: All players who activated the Pegassi T-shirt last year will be rewarded this week with a washed-out retro version of the shirt.

There is also a new vehicle in GTA 5 Online: The Maibatsu Manchez Scout is now available from Warstock. Anyone who still needs some money earns quick money in all survival battles – you get double XP as well as RP. Players visiting Cayo Perico this week should keep an eye out for treasure chests while spying and during the finals: If you find both treasure chests within one day, you will receive 100,000 GTA dollars when you log in the next week. Note that it can then take up to 72 hours until the money is available in the account at Maze Bank. (buy now € 99.99 / € 26.99)

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Not only does GTA 5 have continued popularity with its player base, it is still gaining new players. GTA 5 Online: GTA $ 200,000 in two minutes - that's how you bag money quicklyPCXSXPS5PS4XBOX360PS3

GTA 5 Online: 200,000 GTA dollars in two minutes – this is how you can bag money quickly

In GTA 5 Online you can currently earn money quickly again – and thus top up your in-game account with coveted GTA dollars.

The info update is rounded off with new deals: You are currently receiving a 25 percent discount on improvements for the Kosatka, including the weapons workshop and sonar station. Vehicle discounts are available on the Kraken Avisa, Sea Sparrow and the Nagasaki Buzzard, among others. Amazon Prime members once again pocketed 200,000 GTA dollars when they check out GTA 5 Online this week.


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