Gran Turismo 7, how to recover damaged save data

Gran Turismo 7, how to recover damaged save data

Polyphony Digital announced a new recovery service dedicated to save data from Grand Touring 7, through a post published directly on the official website of the game. And as promptly reported by Polyphony Digital, this new service is intended to help players who are experiencing game progress problems.

Thanks to it they can indeed restore your save data to a previous state, so as to allow him to resume his career undertaken in the seventh chapter of Grand Touring 7. But for those who missed the latest news regarding the PlayStation exclusive racing game in the last few days a problem has emerged due to the fact that GT7 necessarily requires a constant Internet connection to work.

The Japanese development team has unveiled a new way to recover Gran Turismo 7 saves

And as the players quickly discovered during the disastrous update v1.07 without access to the servers of Grand Touring 7 the title has very few features.

Among the contents still functioning correctly we find the new mode Music Rally which still works, allowing players to access their garage to drive in Arcade mode races on tracks they have previously unlocked.

But without an active internet connection it is also impossible to save the progress made in these modes. And of course it is good to point out how the now famous requirement “Always Online” was implemented by Polyphony Digital in order to prevent the modification of the data of rescue by users, with them who otherwise could have unlocked all the best cars in the game in an instant.

And while it’s clear that some data is stored locally, it appears that most of it is stored directly on the Japanese development team’s servers. But in that sense, some players have found that under certain circumstances, when online access is intermittent, they are effectively prevented from continuing to play Grand Touring 7.

And this is probably caused by problematic management between save files stored locally on the console and those stored directly on the server side, with fans consequently finding themselves with a corrupt save and unable to make a previous backup.

Solving the problem then requires a Polyphony Digital to replace the damaged save with a valid previous save, thereby restoring game progress for users.

And if you too have been struck by these problems that block the progress of the game, you can directly fill out the form on the official website for requesting rescue data. And doing this will hopefully result in restoring your data so you can quickly get back on track in that of Grand Touring 7.

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